iPhone 5S with A7 Chip – More Pictures Leaked

iPhone 5S with A7 Chip, There has been great commotion in the world market regarding the release of iPhone 5S. One main reason why there is excitement in the market is because iPhone 5S is supposed to come with an A7 chip. Lately, more pictures of iPhone 5S have been leaked over the Internet.

iphone_5s_camera_flash-800x380 iphone_5s-picture iphone-5s-china

This high-end device from Apple is still in its production phase. But looking at the popularity of the device and the craze for it in the international market, thick as well as thin leaks regarding the device have already started to surface on the Internet. This leakage of pictures and minor details is absolutely normal for any device when it reaches this stage of its production.

The recently leaked pictures are revealing details regarding the supposed dual LED flash being introduced by Apple in this device. Some of the crucial and internal working of iPhone 5s is also being shown in some of these leaked pictures. It has been noticed from the leaked pictures that the dual LED flash will be consisting of 2 LEDs of different colors, most probably yellow and orange.

iphone-5s-front-glass-01 iphone-5s-picture

This dual LED flash is supposed to be the feature which was referred as Smart Flash by one of the analysts of iPhone 5S. This new feature is supposed to increase the quality of pictures. And this is supposed to be achieved by using only one flash at a time. If rumor mills are to be believed, then the new iPhone 5S will by consisting of an A7 chip as well, as is indicated by the model number of this soon to be launched device.

According to the officials, the new Apple iPhone 5S will be released in the international market as early as September alongside the release of iOS 7.

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