iPhone 5S will have Wireless Charging

iPhone 5S will have Wireless Charging, wireless charging is the new trend in mobile devices where you don’t need to plugin any wall adapter or USB connection to your device to charge it. You can place your device on a charging pad and it will start charging, we have seen the Nokia lumia 920 having the wireless charging feature. A Taiwanese based publication claims that according to some inside sources Apple is all set to include wireless charging capabilities to its new iPhone as well as Samsung is too working on a wireless charging technology for its upcoming smartphones.


While Samsung is expected to adopt Qi Wireless charging technology from Wireless Power Consortium, Apple is likely to use a wireless charging technology internally developed by the Company itself. According to the same publication, it is very unlikely that Samsung S4 with come with the new feature but we may hopefully see it on the iPhone 5S. The Qi wireless charging is the industry standard wireless charging technology but there is no surprise that Apple is working on making its own, Apple is well-known for its amazing over the boundaries work, we can hope that Apple might that the wireless charging to its new level.

On a personal note, i don’t see a much advantage of the wireless over wired charging, in fact with wired charging we can at least take the device in our hands and use it while on wireless charging we have to keep the device flat on a charging surface in order to charge it. This is where Apple can come it, by creating a wireless charging hotspot were we can carry the device around still being in charging mode, will not it be fun? Give me your reactions in the comments below.

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