iPhone 5S will have Fingerprint Sensor

iPhone 5S will have Fingerprint Sensor, the bold claim comes from The China Times saying that Apple is now working on a fully functional and advanced Fingerprint sensor system to be incorporated into the upcoming iPhone 5S as well as a new NFC chip. According to the shocking report by China Times, a Taiwan company named ChipBond has been approached by Apple to provide the components for the Fingerprint sensor and the NFC chip, the same company will provide the Touch Screen drivers as well.


This is not the first time this kind of news is coming out for the iPhone 5S, in an earlier report also it has been claimed that iPhone 5S will come with a fingerprint scanner that will check your authenticity based on your fingerprint. If all this reports end up in a real device, it will as a great game changer, just like when the first iPhone was introduced by Steve Jobs way back in 2007. Apple is well-known to bring up new and out of this world technology and innovation, although the Fingerprint sensor or scanner to unlock your iPhone 5S sounds like something from science friction movie, but looking at the track records we can’t say this is impossible. There are already thousands of devices which does finger scans to check user privileges, Apple this time takes it to the Mobile scene with the iPhone 5S.

One more factor that adds more reality to the whole story is the company named AuthenTec, of you remember well Apple is the new owner of AutherTec, which is a mobile security specialized company. The fingerprint access will add a great level of mobile security to your device, this is actually very good actually, as we all are involving more and more into mobile payments and transactions, your finger is your best password. You cannot forget it, lost it and no one will be able to misuse it. What do you think? Is it better or you still like the plain old text passwords, let us know in the comments below.

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