iPhone 5S Release Date

iPhone 5S Release Date, After the grand success of iPhone 5 Apple is all set to debut its next smart phone to the world. The rumors of iPhone 5S or may be iPhone 6 after within 1 week after the release of iPhone 5 with different websites and blogs predicting difference feature sets for the upcoming iPhone. The most talk about improvement from iPhone 5 to iPhone 5S is the camera, it is rumored a lot that the iPhone 5S will come with a more advanced and powerful  Camera. Apart from that the iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 will have bio-metric security in the form of a Fingerprint sensor.


From a recent report by inside sources it was made clear that Apple is possibly planning to release iPhone 5S this summer, means this August while the next generations iPads like iPad 5 and possibly an iPad mini 2 is set to release on this April itself. The Design concept of the iPhone 5S will be same as those of iPhone 5 but with a more advanced and fine tuned Camera, it has been said that Apple will set a new level of definition for phone optics and camera technology.

The bio-metric security is an amazing feature to think about, imagine using your finger to unlock you iPhone well we do that now too but there will be a difference. Now we slide to unlock and go to the key-pass screen where we enter our pass code to use the device. But may be in the future we just swipe our finger over the unlock slider and the iPhone will process our finger print to check you authenticity. The next big question in my mind is that will the iPhone 5S support Evasi0n jailbreak, with iOS 6.1.3 is supposed to fix the exploits needed for jailbreak will iOS 7 have enough exploits for any jailbreak.

Our imagination is amazing but we will have the real thing this august and till then we can only predict. What do you think about the iPhone 5S, tell us your views in the comments below.

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