iPhone 5S Production Started for August Release

iPhone 5S Production Started for August Release, in out last post we have mentioned the possible release date of iPhone 5S. The release date of iPhone 5S seems to be true while many reports it as a rumor, but the this news will blow your mind away. As the rumored iPhone 5S release date is nearing we got out hands on an insight news that claims that iPhone 5S production already stated in the Apple’s manufacturing partner in China, where Apple primarily assembles all it’s iPhones.


According to a Japanese website who claims the reports that iPhone 5S will be built on the same production line for that of iPhone 5, in earlier reports it was clear that there will not be any huge difference between the two iPhones. You can relate the this story with those of iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S, both of these devices looks exactly the same but the later one comes with upgraded processor and SiRi, steve jobs said once that S in iPhone 4S stands for Siri. iPhone 5S on the other hand is rumored to come with an advanced camera, it may be an improved megapixel camera or a big game changer, we are saying this on the grounds that Apple is planning to do something that will change the whole Mobile camera scene.

iPhone 5S release date come from Rene Ritche of iMore who claimed that Apple is all set to launch iPhone 5S this august and looking back at the track record of Rene on predicting Apple rumors we can say it this highly likely to occur. Just wait till August 2013 to find out.

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