iPhone 5S Pictures Leaked for the First Time

iPhone 5S Pictures Leaked for the First Time, Its time for the iPhone 5s to make its way down, Its said that the mass production will be started sometime in July to august and ready to be released very soon after that. Its said curiosity killed the cat but then, who cares?? Even i would love to be the first one to have a sneak peek at the Complete iPhone 5s.


Previously we have had some leaked pictures of the display  and rumors about the new iPhone 5s.  And now high-resolution pictures of the re-designed panel are released. Come let’s have a look at what apple has in store for the looks of the iPhone 5s. The photos clearly show the difference in design between the iPhone5 and the iPhone 5s.  Its been confirmed that the new iPhone 5s will be different from the previous releases of iPhone.  Apple is known for its innovations and improvements in the design and working of the iPhone 5 and do their best to stand miles ahead of their competitors.


The main reason for a new design is to make room for extra features such as fingerprint scanner that’s been implemented into the phone. The scanner will be placed below the home button which adds on to the security of the device. These photo’s are authentic and comes from reliable sources. Do tell us your views about the same.

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