iPhone 5S Killer Feature that Morgan Stanley’s been talking about

iPhone 5S Killer Feature that Morgan Stanley’s been talking about, The iPhone 5 is coming out this summer. How is it going to be? A competition beater like it’s predecessors? A killer mobile device like it’s predecessors? Worse than it’s predecessors? Better than it’s predecessors? Better than Samsung Galaxy S4? Worse? Well, the questions are many, but the answers are yet to be found. Those won’t be found till the launch though. We just have to wait and find out.


But, Morgan Stanley’s Apple expert, Katy Huberty, brought in an interesting turn to events and expectations when she said on CNBC’s Fast Money Halftime Report that the new iPhone 5 is going to have a killer feature. Wow! What can that be? Well, keep guessing.

Here’s an excerpt from the transcript of Katy Huberty’s words from the popular financial blog Barron:

I do believe that AAPL is approaching a bottom. As you have heard, they are talking about returning more cash, and we think they will do that in coming weeks. But people don’t own AAPL for that, they own AAPL for innovation. You saw the Samsung [Electronics (005930KS)] Galaxy S4 come out last week that shows you the innovation cards are up for grabs. What is lacking in that product [the S4] is a killer feature. We think that’s where Apple will surprise this year. This [iPhone] 5S cycle this year will be about a killer feature that drives consumers increasingly to the platform, and that increases the value of those 500 million accounts.

Samsung Galaxy S4. Released last week, it does have a lot of new features. Take for instance S Health, or Smart Pause. But still, critics seem to be quite unimpressed with the built to impress device! They say that it is nothing but an extension of the Samsung Galaxy SIII.

On the other hand, industry experts are quite optimistic about the iPhone 5. The most eagerly awaited killer feature? Of course, it has to be wireless charging. It might be using the same feature being used by Braun electronic toothbrushes, which get charged without the need to be connected to a charger. Just keeping it near the charging unit does the trick. It’s just plain induction! Apple does have some very interesting patents like inductive Smart Covers and squeezable handsets.

What do you think that this killer feature in iPhone 5 is going to be? It’s all for you to imagine. A flying iPhone perhaps? Hahaha! It’s all left to your imagination. Think about it, imagine it, and just drop a comment below. Let’s see, in which circles creativity is circulating around the world.

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