iPhone 5S Home Button Details Leaked – Redesigned Button

iPhone 5S Home Button Details Leaked, Apple’s next flagship device iPhone 5S is widely expected to be launched sometime in the month of September. The device will reportedly be launched in a special event but there are a few images leaked over the web displaying the iPhone 5S Shell. The leaked images came from NoWhereElse.fr clearly show the back plate of iPhone. The website showing the leaked images claims that it has come from a trusted source.


The back plate of iPhone 5S revealed in the picture shows certain modifications in the assembly for the Home button. If the leaked images are real, we must believe that Apple brought this modification just to improve the reliability of the Home Button. The pictures also show the changes in the bezel mounting frame of the device. The new back plate shows in the leaked images is pretty different from the current back plate of iPhone 5. The iPhone 5S may reportedly come with a convex Home Button instead of the normal concave button. The reason behind this tweak could be the intention to house fingerprint sensor below.

A closer look to the screws on the back plate shows the consistency to the rumors of change in internal design of the next flagship iOS device. Rumors also state that there is a change in printed circuit board and camera of the device. As per the reports, camera will come with a Dual LED Flash and the images support the rumors pretty much.

However, we just can’t say that the images are genuine but the website revealed these images is quite trustworthy when it is about the leaked images of gadgets.

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