iPhone 5S FingerPrint Sensor Problem reported by Users

Users Report Problem with Fingerprint Sensor in iPhone 5S, Apple released its new flagship device iPhone 5 S running the all new iOS7 last month, and as usual, the new device lead to a great hype among the general public. The phone was expected to pack a fingerprint sensor, and it gave the users what they desired and craved for. The power of locking your phone with your fingerprint seems incredible, and Apple has done a real good job in bringing this technology to the masses. The Home Button in existing iPhone 5S was replaced by a fingerprint sensor this time, and it received an overwhelming response from the crowd.


The latest new now is that a god number of users who currently own an iPhone 5S have reported some bugs with their Touch ID sensor. People claim that the sensor simply does not recognize their finger when they try to scan it, or it denies them to unlock the device when they have stored their digital prints and are using the same finger again for unlocking. As per the stats, about 20% of people all around the globe have felt some problems with this new Apple technology.

If you too are suffering from the same problem, then there’s definitely something which you can do before taking your device to the Apple Care Center. To fix the issue, you may try by updating your device to the latest version i.e. iOS 7.0.3, or wiping the sensor clean with a nontoxic cleaner. To update your device, simply browse to settings, tap on general tab, select about device, and then check for updates. As Apple releases the update for its device over the air, you may receive a notification regarding the update. If you have a jailbreak device, you will need iTunes for the same.

To update your jailbreak device, connect your gadget with your PC. Start iTunes application. Tap on the device summary, and then check for updates. Once the notification is received, just download and install the firmware to upgrade your device. After you have done with the updating stuff, you will need to re-scan your prints. To do this, navigate to Settings -> General -> Touch Id and Passcode -> Edit. Make sure to wipe out all the existing prints before you scan your finger again.

If you are receiving problems with the updated device too, then you will have to try with a different finger. Sometimes it does happen that the sensor doesn’t scan a finger due to any scar or other cut mark. In such cases, scanning a different finger for security might be helpful. If you still face problems, try cleansing the device with a soft cloth damped in a nontoxic cleaner. Every device accumulates dust and grease with time, and this can interfere with the sensor causing problems. In case nothing works for you, you will have no other option than taking your device to the customer care center and asking for help. Apple will surely look into the issue and provide you a better solution.

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