iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Release Date Announced

Apple Launching iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C on September 10th, According to a recent report Apple is all set to release the iPhone and the final version of iOS 7 on September 10th. If we go by the rumors the name of the next iPhone is still a mystery, will it be called iPhone 5C, iPhone 5S or may be the recently rumored iPhone mini. For that we will have to wait till September 10th. Along with the cheap variant of iPhone it is also rumored that an even larger version of iPhone will be releasing, to be called iPhone 6.


As far we know and based on the recent rumors Apple will release two different iPhone this september, one is the cheap version – the low-cost iPhone and one is the normal next version of iPhone. The most important point in the whole story is that these releases from Apple are very important for the company as a whole, with experts around the world already putting up a blank future to the company after the death of Steve Jobs, the company has a lot to prove with the releases this fall.

iPhone 5C or iPhone mini, the cheaper version is targeted to the low-cost mobile market which is currently dominated by Samsung though its cheap Android Phones, with the coming of this cheap version of iPhone Apple will try to dominate that particular market. Following the rumors iPhone 5S or iPhone 6 will have a big 5 to 6 inch retina display with fingerprint sensors while the Cheap version of iPhone will have a plastic finish to it and will sport similar features to the iPhone 5.

One more theory is that the low-cost iPhone will come with a price tag similar to that of iPod touch 5, is it a iPod Killer? because in recent times the sales of iPod dropped to a great level, in fact the iPod Touch 5 sales are no where close to that of iPod Touch 4 which was widely popular. In this theory Apple will release the cheap iPhone in the same price range of iPod touch 5 and will ditch the iPod touch line. Well who will buy a device that can’t make a call and can’t access 3g/4g when you have a similar device with the same price range with these added features. What are your thoughts. Leave us a comment below.

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2 thoughts on “iPhone 5S and iPhone 5C Release Date Announced

  1. I think access of 3G&4G I a better thought .
    I think you guys Evasion rock Nd y’all should take over apple ? At the least one of you have to have a friend at Apple by the product of free apps. Could help save them and whom would buy a 5C or 5S when the I watch sales are unknown iPhone 6 and above will be a better choice because 600.00 dollars is a lot of phone else where in Android land .

  2. I think access of 3G&4G Is a better thought .
    I think you guys rock …….