iPhone 5C Final Round Up of All Features

iPhone 5C Final Round Up of All Features, Apple will reportedly announce two of its new iPhones in a special event this month. There is a special event organized on Tuesday September 10, 2013 for the mega launch of the cheaper iPhone and iPhone 5S. With the announcement of this mega event, many rumors have popped up along. There are also several pictures of the upcoming iPhones leaked over the web. Many of the leaked pictures show that the cheaper iPhone will be named as iPhone 5C and the next generation is coming with a name iPhone 5S.


  • Name - Although, there is no report anywhere on the web which explain the name “iPhone 5C” but we guess ‘C’ cold be for the ‘Color’. As rumors and leaked images suggest, iPhone 5C is coming in multiple colors. Well, ‘C’ can also stand of ‘Cheap’ or ‘China’ which suits more.
  • Design -iPhone 5C is coming with black front panel and a round edged body. It will supposedly come in super thin plastic casing mixed with glass fiber. This special plastic casing is lighter and thinner but provides greater durability. Although, iPhone 5C is expected to be a thin and slim phone but it will still be thicker and bigger than accompanying Smartphone iPhone 5S which is coming with aluminum back plate. The device is also said to be highly scratch resistant.

If believed to the leaked photos, iPhone 5C will have small pill like plastic buttons which are much different from the circular metallic buttons used in other iOS Smartphones. The buttons are different but placement of buttons is similar to that in the iPhone 5. Power button is at the top and the mute and volume buttons are placed on the sides.

Apple is supposed to bring the new Antenna system with its cheaper iPhone, ‘iPhone 5C’. We have to wait for a day more to see if it helps improving the call quality or not.

Specs of iPhone 5C

As suggested by rumors on the web, iPhone 5C will be powered by 1GB RAM and A6 Chip. Other standard specs of iPhone 5C include a 4-inch Retina Display, 1.2 MP front face camera and 8 MP rear facing camera. The device is also supposed to support the 4G LTE Networks. iPhone 5C being a cheaper iPhone won’t boast the iPhone 5S features like upgraded camera system and fingerprint sensor. iPhone 5C will have the headphone jack will be at the bottom left and lightning connecter will be place in the bottom center.

Colors of iPhone 5C

As mentioned above, iPhone 5C will be coming in multiple colors which include red, blue, green, white and yellow. Although the front panel is black in color but this phone will not come in the black color.

Price of iPhone 5C

However, there is no official report yet released by Apple about the pricing of iPhone 5C, but it is expected to be a mid-range phone. On the other hands, many rumors suggest that iPhone 5C is not going to be a budget phone as it is said to be replacing iPhone 5. iPhone 5C and iPhone 5 are very much similar to each other except the plastic casing of iPhone 5C. If it is actually the entry level phone from Apple, it should reportedly be priced at $450 and if it is a replacement to iPhone 5, it will be available at $550 without a contract.

However, rumors bring the price down to $300-$400 but we doubt that Apple will bring the device at that low price.

Storage options

There is no report yet made available on the web telling the storage options in iphone 5C but if it replaces iPhone 5, then it would be at least 16GB. However, if it is actually an entry level iPhone, it will come with 8GB storage space.

Availability of iPhone 5C

There is no official word about the availability of iPhone 5C but it is expected to hit the market shelves after 10 days of its launch. The device will be launched on September 10, 2013 and is expected to arrive in the market by September 20, 2013.

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