iPad will Have Split Screen Multitasking with iOS 8

iPad will Have Split Screen Multitasking with iOS 8, Going by the rumors on iOS 8, Apple is expected to introduce split screen multitasking for the iPad as it releases iOS 8 this year. The concept explained by Sam Beckett is not far from what Apple is thought to be planning, as it gives what seems a rather fair display of the iPads split window interface. Other competitors such as Microsoft and Samsung have already introduced the concept. Though iPad is said to be one of the best selling, consumers are now not just hoping to own a tablet but something that has the ability to replace desktop or notebook completely.


To achieve this, great multitasking must be introduced at one level or another; apparently it may be en route. Another possibility is that only the larger, 9.7-inch iPad Air will be privileged to have this utility given its complexity leaving the casual user to be catered for by the iPad mini..

As much as Beckett’s insight overtakes what is known today, it sounds convincing as the split screen is single and vertical when the device is held on landscape. Its adjustability comes with the ability to make one app interface have a stronger presence as it is as customizable as anticipated with such feature.

For apple to introduce multitasking where up to four apps run besides each other, the hardware must experience some improvement. At this point this will not be easy even for iPad Air, but if the rumored iPad pro comes with a 12-inch screen, this is possible. With such steps taken by Apple, it is very sure that iPad will some day sit in the space occupied by MacBook currently.

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