iPad Pro with 12.9 inch Screen Coming in 2014

iPad Pro is going to launch a 12.9 screen in 2014, In the previous year iPad had 9.7” inch display and during 2012, the 7.9” inch iPad Mini made its debut and just after a few weeks it was followed by the iPad Mini 2 Retina.  And technically the 5th generation iPad which is also known as iPad Air, so now Apple has an array of tablets to show off. There are many other manufacturers who are releasing their tablets with much larger displays but now Apple is providing a 12.9” inch display.



As we came to know it is said that the display manufacturers have been given permission to create larger displays for a new iPads which will be launched in 2014, known as the iPad Pro.  If this is happens to be true then the new iPad will be seen in the first half of the year.

A few people have only shown disbelief and doubt in the creation of a larger screen for iPad.  But Korea Times had already confirmed that the news is not rumor but it is true and the iPad prod displays are in full production. This Californian firm will probably release a new iPad in the early 2014, even though the release schedule of Apple is usually March and mostly all the previous iPads have been released in the holiday season.

The original iPad is now improved in the form of iPad Air, which has the same screen or display size but it is much slim and sleek than all the previous models and it is quite lighter and thinner as well.  So we can expect that the iPad Pro would look the same but it would be more powerful and will have a larger screen.

The only difficulty will be providing Retina with a larger screen.  Because the 12.9” Retina iPad would be strictly speaking as it is already classed as Ultra High Definition (UHD) and the only concern is that how much market is there for this product.

A new and refreshed version of iPad is due by next spring, as predicted by a KGI analyst; Ming-Chi Kuo.

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