iPad Pro May Release This Year – Report

iPad Pro May Release in 2014, Once again German designers CURVED Labs, have come up with a new concept iPad pro, this concept show exactly what major users of the Apple slate could be up for. It s display is a 12.9 inch 4K nearing 300 ppi. This ideal device has the same thickness as iPad Air. We must admit that Jony Ive alongside his design team, has managed to accomplish similar unthinkable tasks in the past, what is not certain is whether Apple can incorporate that high specifications IPS in such a device.


Apple recently hinted on some new product categories to be release in 2014, coming from the CEO of such a massive company Mr. Tim Cook, you do not expect much details from him. The highly speculated iWatch could see Apple join the likes of Samsung and Sony into the smart watch market. Though iPhone 6 is not a new line of product, the fact that many have rumored about it makes it a big model to wait for along side iWatch.

Besides all the talk about iPhone 6 and iWatch, rumor has it that iPad pro could be seen at some point this year. The previous releases of iPad having succeeded such as iPad Air and the smaller iPad mini, it is expected that iPad ‘Maxi’ and iPad Pro would round-up the series.

Apples intentions are not just to come up with a serious device for gaming and movies but also to improve worth of its slate for people focused mainly on production. The best way to achieve this is through a device with rich features, a bigger pro model similar to MacBook.


According to CURVED Labs, apple should consider having such a device with such a concept that is as interesting as iPad Pro. Same line of  products have come from other manufacturers such a Samsung Galaxy Note Pro that has a 12.2 inch screen, that allows you to use different programs at the same time. Besides the fabulous screen and svelte shape factor, this device would run on a 64-bit A8 processor, borrowing a few concepts from Samsung’s book that accommodates kind of stylus peripherals.

Given that many would like to have such a device at hand, if Apple considers iPad Pro, then they will have a bigger market range.

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