iOS 8 To Feature HD Audio Playback As Apple Prepares New In-Ear Headphones

iOS 8 To Feature HD Audio Playback As Apple Prepares New In-Ear Headphones, Though it is unconfirmed, information from Japan seems to confirm that apple would like to acquisition for Beats Electronics at a sum of $3.2 billion as it increases its share of the audio market. as it seems the company wants to include a High Definition Audio playback into the upcoming iOS 8 software. The company is also expected to introduce a High Fidelity, HD-ready, lightning connector and also improve the in-ear headphones.


The deal with Beats was a huge step given that apple does not go on headlines acquiring big names. Beats who make mac are to keep most of the audio products that include headphones, speakers and even digital music streaming services that are expected to compete with the likes of Spotify. Given that apple is known to be weak in areas such as these, this acquisition is a giant leap.

As claimed by Macotakara, Apple has established concepts on how to enhance its Audio. Some of these improvements are set to be announced with the release of iOS 8. iTunes is also expected to be part of the change; while HD streaming is to be part of the improvement, Shazam song-detection technology will be included into iOS 8 and Siri.

HD streaming is to come alongside an enhanced in-hear headphones, as the new lightning connector makes sure there is a smooth playback on MFi gadgets and peripherals.

The exact date of release of these products remains unknown though rumor has it that some of these will be released in June at the Worldwide Developers Conference as Apple releases the next iPhone. Other recent reports show tat a portion of the changes will not be released but only with an iOS 8.1 update.

No matter what it may seem like, this acquisition of Beats Electronics is not just another event passing by the wind as Apple seems very serious in regards to raising the bar as it offers fans of music greater and stronger hardware and software that has been missing.

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