iOS 8 ScreenShots Leaked

iOS 8 Screen Shots Leaked, Following on an early report featured a while ago about Apple working on making a big difference on how devices interact with iOS 8, that referred to the company working towards making a cloud-oriented, mobile versions of text edit and preview,On China’s Sina Weibo more clues appeared to have displayed, showing off their icons together with a Health book app and a tip.


The leak as seen on a screenshot displays what seems to be iOS 8 beta. These facts are hard to verify as the numbers (people speaking about this) were off social media, though it is in line with the unfolding from the people at 9to5Mac.

The inclusion of health book application besides text edit and preview, supports what was suggested before that the forthcoming version of Apple’s software would largely lean towards the expanding market of applications and gadgets related to health. Healthbook is set to be a major inclusion baring in mind that Tim cook has already hinted on the major plans his company has for new product lines in 2014. The existence of health book could as well be an indicator of the existence of ‘iWatch’, but this is open to interpretation.


So far the much available information on the applications is the icons, even though in healthbook’s situation, some ideas that would be of interest such as,this near effort whose user interface take the form of a card, have been seen in recent times.

With the far the tips have gone with the icon, its uncertain to know exactly what apple has in plan. The clues we have so far can only serve as the best information available and the only references for the knowledge available on iOS 8 beta.


The emergence of iOS 7 came with great changes in the general appearance of Apple mobile platform, if iOS 8 comes with great cloud integration and a stronger bond with OS X, this could bring a major and significant movement on infrastructure and functionality.

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