iOS 8 Sends Last Known Location Of iPhone To iCloud Before The Battery Runs out

iOS 8 Sends Last Known Location Of iPhone To iCloud Before The Battery Runs out, Given that iOS 8 announcement has just been made during the World Wide Developers Conference in the keynote speech the details have now started to come through. One such interesting detail is that iOS 8 sends the last location detail of iPhone to iCloud before it goes out of battery. Given the nature of phone theft experienced by iPhone users, this comes as a delight to know that Apple is making it even easier to track the lost phone through iOS 8.

One feature that has been handy is the Find My iPhone feature. it makes it easier to find the gadget wherever it is misplaced but this is just as long as the phone has not gone off. As long as it is off, tracking it using iCloud is impossible. Thence searching for the precious gadget becomes what the proverb says needle in the haystack.

The arrival of iOS 8 will make this tiresome job lighter as it has a new feature to do so. Whenever the iPhone is just almost going to give in to the demands due to the usual use of power by apps, the details for the last location is sent to Apple and it remains there for 24 hours. In case you miss the location of your phone because it went off due to lack of charge while you were sleeping, you simply log on to iCloud and reach the last position all courtesy of automatic GPS marker received from your phone.

Indeed this is a useful feature in case of phone loss, but not a good one if the device is in the hands of a thief. If only it could be extended to include the final position when the phone was switched off it could be a great step towards fighting frequent phone theft. Better still is the fact that Apple is putting more muscle to protect their consumers.

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