iOS 8 Jailbreak by Pangu

iOS 8 Jailbreak, Pangu Jailbreak for iOS 8 is all set to release as the recent Recompiled Pangu Jailbreak successfully jailbroke iOS 8 Gold Master. Apple is all set to release iOS 8 on 17th of September and jailbreak developers are working hard to make a successful and safe jailbreak for it. iOS 7 Jailbreak as released by Evasi0n which was later patched by Apple on iOS 7.1, but Pangu came out of nowhere with a jailbreak for iOS 7.1 and later.


On Pangu Jailbreak’s release Evasion team claimed that they have used up some of the critical loop holes that they were saving for an iOS 8 Jailbreak. Its been said, if Apple Patch these exploits on the final release of iOS 8 non of the jailbreak action now will work on it neither can they make a new jailbreak soon. It will take new research from ground up for a new jailbreak whatsoever.

But recent claim about Pangu jailbreak is telling an another story, a recompiled version of Pangu jailbreak has successfully jailbreak iOS 8 GM – Recompiled means redoing the jailbreak tool with the same codes and exploits just adding support to iOS 8. The Claim comes from a reddit user called W0rldello who claimed that he has managed to patch the binary of Pangu Jailbreak and added the ability to jailbreak iOS 8.


Apart from the claim of successful jailbreak, he also claims that the Pangu jailbreak app he used is not the official one available for download he used a version he personally reverse engineered. He claims that Apple has not patched the exploits used on the latest version of Pangu jailbreak. We know you are happy to hear that so are we but don’t forget that the claim about Pangu jailbreak iOS 8 is done in a non final version of iOS 8, Which basically means that there is still time for Apple to patch these exploits on the final release of  iOS 8 on September 17.

Keep your fingers crossed as we get closer to iOS 8 release, all kinds of tutorials about jailbreaking and iOS 8 tips and tricks are in the making, don’t forget to subscribe to us via email to stay up to date. We will send you iOS 8 Jailbreak directly to your inbox when released.

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