iOS 8 Jailbreak In Development Using i0nic’s Exploit

iOS 8 Jailbreak Is Possible Using i0nic’s Exploit, Since the blocking of Evasi0n 7 jailbreak by iOS 7.1 users have been craving for another utility. In the past few days a video was uploaded showing an iPhone 5C running on iOS 7.1.1 operating on untethered jailbreak, by vocal developer i0n1c. At this time there seems to be no arrangements to make the jailbreak public, hopefully it might change in the future. Meanwhile it should be noted that the recent website called Cyber Elevator claim to be in possession of the jailbreak is a scam. It even goes ahead to use the video to claim authenticity.


Recently Apple revealed iOS 8, though it comes with more features what is of interest to people is whether it can be jailbroken. It is obvious that at this point there is no full conclusion to that as only the first beta has been released and still more to come. But i0n1c has been up to the task and has been able to show that beta does not inhibit jailbreak.

This means that in case i0n1c does not release his jailbreak, it could still be available later on. His current work is to see if Cydia is able to run on iOS beta and details should be out soon.

Excitement should not be high as currently there is no jailbreak released for iOS 7.1 or 7.1.1 and it does not seem like releasing soon. iOS 8 jailbreak will not be released unless the firmware is through past the beta testing stage and given to the public which will only happen in fall or later.

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