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iOS 8 Jailbreak, Finally guys some great news we have here. iOS 8 Jailbreak has been released by Pangu Jailbreak supporting iOS 8 and iOS 8.1 which was released by Apple just two days back. Pangu Jailbreak debuted with iOS 7.1 jailbreak and they have now successfully released iOS 8 Jailbreak.


Pangu jailbreak is now officially the first Jailbreak on iOS 8 as well as for iPhone 6 Plus and iPhone 6, which was a tremendous his after its released last month. Currently only the Windows version of Pangu Jailbreak for iOS 8 is available and Mac version will be followed soon.

According to Pangu Official website, iOS 8 Jailbreak by pangu will support the following devices.

  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • iPhone 6
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 5C
  • iPhone 5
  • iPhone 4S
  • iPad Air
  • iPad 4
  • iPad 3
  • iPad 2
  • iPad Mini Retina
  • iPad Mini 1
  • iPod Touch 5th Generation

According to the Official website here are the steps to jailbreak iOS 8 using Pangu

  • Preparations for jailbreak.

Backup before using pangu jailbreak tool – Although this tool is tested successfully on most devices, but be sure to properly backup your device to avoid data loss. Please turn off the screen password lock and disable the “find my iPhone” by going to iCloud Settings before attempting jailbreak.

  • the firmware upgraded via OTA may cause failure.

As stated many times before, iOS 8 updated over OTA will cause problem with the jailbreak process and should not be attempted as it may cause your device to stuck in boot loop.

  • Storage capacity is almost full.

This is because the jailbreak program will write important files into the system directory and cause alarm, it will not affect the result. When the Cydia be compatible, click on the Cydia will launch the directory moving process.

  • About afc2?

Because Apple made a lot of adjustments to iOS 8 core system, afc2 plug-ins are not supported at present.

  • Do not delete “”

Do not delete “”, it will cause system failure and may lead to complete restore.

  • Processing method of jailbreak failure

Please enable the Airplane mode and close Wifi and then try to jailbreak, or if not successful, please restart your devices and then try. If it still fails, please use the Pangu restore function and jailbreak again.

But we must tell you that this jailbreak will not install Cydia on your device, Yes you read that right. This Jailbreak is intended for developers who will use the device access provided by this jailbreak to update their jailbreak and tweaks for iOS 8. Currently Cydia and non of their tweaks are supported in iOS 8 so no point of installing Cydia.

Here is the official Note from Pangu Developers

1. Why did Cydia

Because of the many changes in iOS8 system, Cydia and dependence Substrate framework of many plug-ins are not available in iOS8. So we provide developers require some basic environmental and SSH and other plug-in version 1.0 jailbreak, the convenience Cydia author and other developers can quickly modify their code against iOS8. After the completion of compatible Cydia, we will release updates to integrate Cydia. So Pangu jailbreak (iOS8) version 1.0 is ready for strict jailbreak developer version.

2. Should now jailbreak

Due to the existence of life-cycle jailbreak, Apple can not know when it will block loopholes. So you can first escape, and so after the completion of compatible Cydia, you can download and install Cydia on the phone by Pangu APP, or by other ways SSH can also be installed. In addition, PP assistant jailbreak version is also perfectly compatible with iOS8 system to facilitate user to download and install software.

So, the point is clear. you can jailbreak now if you want but there is no point. Wait for us to test and confirm everything before proceeding, as always subscribe to us if you have not already done so for updates in your inbox about Cydia on iOS 8.

Update – Download Link Fixed – Wait for More Updates Soon.

Update 2 – Download link updated to version 1.0.1

Download Pangu iOS 8 Jailbreak. Click Here. Step By step installation Procedure coming up in few minutes.

Desclaimer – This Jailbreak is intended for Developers only, Proceed on your Own. Public Release will be available in a couple of Days. Please subscribe we will mail your iOS 8 Jailbreak instantly.

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17 thoughts on “iOS 8 Jailbreak

  1. where is the downloadable file :-) … only adverts here … sorry but this Annoying!

  2. says:

    if have jailbroken mine ipad mini on pangu 7.1 and now I want to jailbreak it on pangu ios 8 jailbreak, do I lose my cydia tweaks ?
    Sorry, I know it is al explaned on this page but I still don’t get it.

    • Since Cydia is not available for iOS 8 yet, you will lose your Tweets. Since you already have the jailbreak i will suggest you to wait. You can subscribe to us, we will let you know when and how to get Cydia on iOS 8. On a safety note, there are many websites claiming Cydia for iOS 8 Available, Please don’t pay for it. Currently Cydia is not available and it will always be free. Trust Us.

      • says:

        Oke, Thank you for the good and fast resuply.
        And please keep this site up because it is great to now the latest and most important imformation about Apple, cydia and that stuf :)

  3. Is there any way possible you can give a date as to when the jailbreak with cydia for users will be released? My pangu only goes to step 4/6 when i try to jailbreak it then after that it shows red words or whatever in the spot where it shows you how far the process has made i, am i doing something wrong? i enabled airplane mode i disabled find my iphone and i turned off my pass code lock.

  4. Thank you, great job, keep it up. Yet I will wait, does not work for me. The only thing I’ll read is red “touch ID ?????!” .. Anyway to jailbreak’m looking forward to. And what if I had “” deleted? Is it possible to go back?

  5. i updated to ios 8.0.2 using itunes on my windows laptop

  6. Thank you, great job, keep it up. Yet I will wait, does not work for me. The only thing I’ll read is red “touch ID ?????!” .. Anyway to jailbreak’m looking forward to. And what if I had “” deleted? Is it possible to go back?

  7. iversonvegas says:

    What good is a JAILBREAK without CYDIA ? Apple should STOP spending MILLIONS trying to prevent jailbreaking and spend money on better apps n phones … DONT jailbreak until CYDIA is init or your wasting your time !!!!

  8. without cydia in jailbreak mean nothing for me. how long do I have to wait cydia in pawngu jailbreak? I saw surik released cydia for jailbreak ios8 and ios8.1 in .def file. But don’t know how to manually install cydia. So anybody give me any suggestion? I can wait until complete jailbreak process including Cydia. Thanks.

    • The manually install process is complicated and not as easy as many youtube videos are saying. I suggest you better wait for Cydia included jailbreak.

  9. Jailbreaking ios 8

  10. That’s realy crazy! Three devices = three results! :D

    my old iPad2: Jailbreak without that chinese AppStore installed, Cydia installed with some minor problems, tweeks running with out problem.

    my iPad Air: Jailbreaking = no problem, no chinese AppStore, installing Cydia = no problem, installing tweeks = no problem, rebooting = BOOT LOGO LOOP! AHHHHH!

    my iPhone6: Jailbreaking = chinese AppStore installed, no matter if that damm box is checked or unchecked! Damm it! And no option to uninstall it! Didn’t go any further to install Cydia….

    FYI: clean iOS8 installed via iTunes, Code/TouchID deactivated, Flightmode on, before starting installing Pangu.

    Any tricks or hints regarding the Loop or the AppStore Problem?

    Thanks guys!

    Yours Andy from Austria