iOS 8 GM Released for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch

iOS 8 GM Released for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, Apple has released the GM links of iOS 8 for download. However it must be noted that this is not the final release though it is almost same as the build up expected in a few days time. Preventing any talks about flaw of the system, this will be what early users of iOS 8 are to get in a few days time. Those with Beta tester are able to download it right away, though fresh installation is needed as Beta cannot be updated to GM.


Since it was officially announced at the WWDC a lot of people took it that the software for mobile devices would not undergo any major change after such a major change last time. Though the changes are not a major as what happened with iOS 7, this is a fundamental update.

Apple has for the first time allowed a number of third party developers to its firmware, this means that apps will have deep integration with Siri voice assistant and it is possible for users to download and run third party key-boards. To ensure a better experience for users a lot of tweaks have been done on the inbuilt key-board, though it is expected that most users will go for SwiftKey and Flesky since these have demonstrated better on Android.


Moving forward Apple has introduced HealthKit and HomeKit which differ greatly in terms of features, they are both umbrella names for systems that have significant impact on what will become Apples line of products. It is widely thought that HealthKit is to host Health app and Apple is speculated to be coming up with a home-automated hardware. iOS 8 is just a fundamental provision of a number of sectors in the market that Apple targets.

As always with all releases from Apple, the final iOS 8 should be out on September 17.  Keep your eyes open for more meanwhile. To download iOS GM go to Apples developer portal.

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