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iOS 8 Download Links iPhone iPad iPod Touch, They say 8 can be seen as a sign of Infinity. After the release of the Golden Master version of iOS 8 beta version for developers on September 12 today finally Apple have released the much expected, much anticipated operating system with infinite possibilities iOS 8. With several continuity features, connecting your iPad, iPod, iPhone and Mac to new released iOS 8 and OS X Yosemite was never so fun.


Apples peer to peer file sharing tool AirDrop now will work on both iOS and Mac devices. A newly introduced device called Handoff with which a user will able to start a work on any device and can continue it on any other connected device and it will also allow them to pick up calls and send and receive SMS using their iPad and Mac if connected to their iPhones.

When the company came out with iOS 7 it was a complete makeover with lots of different stuffs that was never seen before but this time Apple have maintained its uniformity and introduced iOS 8 with more stuffs and addons that can be very useful for day to day life.

iOS 8 Download Links

iOS 8 Download links for iPhone iPad and iPod Touch are now Live.

Major updates in the feature of iOS is the development of the new Notification Center that allows user to reply to their SMS, mails and pings quickly right within the notification area. In iOS 8 apps can install widgets thus enhancing the capabilities. Texting have become so much fun with the introduction of Quicktype and new 3rd party keyboards. With Virtual space program called iCloud Drive and iCloud Library, accessing files & photos and storing them have become very easy.

This time Apple is concentrating majorly on the physical fitness of the user thus introducing Health app which collects and track all the health and fitness related data from the sensors available both on the devices and from company’s new wearable Apple Watch. Lastly it will not be justified if we don’t mention the new FamilySharing app introduced this time by Apple which allows users to share music, apps, books and more to their family upto 6 members.

We are covering indepth review of every single upgrades and features of iOS 8 in our next segment. Like I said it is the Era of infinite possibilities enjoy every bit of it. Subscribe to us via email to receive all iOS 8 Download Links and Updates in your inbox.

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