iOS 8 Download IPSW for iPhone iPad iPod Touch

iOS 8 Download IPSW for iPhone iPad iPod Touch, guys just now Apple has announced iOS 8 at WWDC 2014 along with Mac OSX Yosemite. iOS 8 comes with a lot of improvements and added features, specially an API system for third party Apps to share and contribute to your system default functions. We all might have faced the situation when we wanted to send a picture to a friend via whatsapp right from the Photos app but we can’t since the sharing option of the default Photos app was limited to Apple’s default sharing list, but now with the help of these new APIs whatsapp can get access to the images for sharing.


Well yes i know what you were thinking, why was this feature not implemented before, that was for security reasons. You may already know Apple takes security very seriously, specially with iOS and they never wanted to give third party apps access to your private data, that is why they came up with these sets of APIs. These APIs works inside sandboxes, for those who don’t know sandbox means to keep things (in this case apps) isolated from the host system. The only time these third party apps can access your data like photos is when your allow or ask them to and only that particular data that you want them to, keeping your data safe and secure.

Apart from that iOS 8 also have a set of Apps dedicated to your health, named as Health kit these apps will help you to keep track of your health in the most modern and efficient way possible, giving your overviews of your health when and how needed, it also comes with collaboration with leading health institutions what make doctors aware of your health condition if critical.

At this moment we are in the process of downloading and uploading the IPSWs, please check back this article in a while for the direct download links of iOS 8. Subscribe to us via email, Facebook and twitter for all iOS 8 updates and jailbreak news.

Use the Links below if you have a registered Apple Developers Account



iPod touch:

If you don’t have a developers account you click here to download ios 8 IPSW beta.

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