iOS 8 Concept

iOS 8 Concept, If you think that iOS 7 has been the more comprehensive products of all, then you need to wonder about iOS 8 regarding the features included in it. Though significant design changes have been brought in recent times in the history of iOS, the biggest hindrance is that those changes have not been that perfect as far as the operational convenience is considered.


Nepalese designer Sangam Bhandari thinks otherwise who provided an inside view of the latest iOS 8, which is highly touted to address the problems associated with iOS 7 in an effective manner.

Home Screen has been changed completed with a wide range of app icons included for the users’ flexibility instead of adding one or two. Notification Center and Control Center issues too have been resolved by combining them into a single Home Screen.

However, there is no transparency regarding the way one gets access to those centers without opening a single app. User-friendly interface has been given more importance through which the customers will able to realize a unique operational convenience on an overall. Checking the latest iOS 7 features, you might be taken for a ride in case you have to take the quality aspects into consideration.


The best part of iOS 8 is its Home Screen alone. You might wonder what makes it tick because of a lot of apps have been stuffed already there. Much has to be credited to the superior designing aspect because it never appears to be congested even after umpteen apps have been included. In contrast, you will be done away with the add-on apps that keep flying randomly creating a lot of inconvenience when operating.


Getting ready for the innovative concepts that are about to be introduced by Apple through iOS 8 during WWDC next June might bring in some signature change for those users who beg to differ. So, what are your thoughts about this concept? Let us know in the comments below.

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