iOS 7 vs iOS 6 – Full Comparison

iOS 7 vs iOS 6 – Full Comparison, iOS 7 beta is finally out for developers. After a lot of predictions, rumors and a lots of concept videos, Apple has finally revealed iOS 7 to the world at WWDC 2013, for those who don’t know WWDC is the yearly world-wide developers conference by Apple. iOS 7 is the brainchild of Jony Ive’s concept of software design which has made iOS 7 clean, sharp and way more colorful. Apart from the new features added, the world’s best mobile operating system got a complete new design. While the quality and simplicity of iOS is maintained the design team has come up with a much good-looking operating system as compared to iOS 6. After it’s release iOS 7 got a kind of mixed reaction from the fans, some of us liked it a lot while some don’t. But iOS 7 sure looks promising and fans will get used to the sudden change with time.


Well, to be honest the only thing I didn’t like about iOS 7 is the use of hard colors in the icons and the retro kind of style they have put into like that makes it look like windows 8 a bit, but who cares we might get a Cydia tweak that can fix that in future, that is why Jailbreak. Ain’t we? The the command center is my favorite part, no need to install a third-party app to have those frequently use on-off toggles in one step access. The command center does that for you, this was a popular Cydia tweak feature but iOS 7 comes with it inbuilt. That is not all a lot of Jailbreak features are now incorporated into iOS 7 base system, specially the Multitasking. If you remember Auxo is a popular Jailbreak tweak that shows full app view on the multitasking windows, now with iOS 7 you get a similar feature but much better in quality.

With all that said, let’s have a look at some of the screenshots of iOS 6 Vs iOS 7 in a side by side Comparison –








If you want to try out iOS 7 Beta you can download iOS 7 here and follow this tutorial to properly install iOS 7 Beta on your device.
So, what is your opinion? iOS 7 looks refreshing and beautiful as compared to iOS 6 but will the use of these bold colors stand up to the level of standards that Steve Jobs had laid down when he first revealed the iPhone. We do love iOS 7, do you? Leave your comments below and don’t forget to Share and tweet this post. Subscribe to Us to stay updated with latest iOS 7 news.

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  1. now i can buy an iphone it’s amazing