iOS 7 hints at growing interest in Apple pre-release software

iOS 7 hints at growing interest in Apple pre-release software, We all know that apple releases beta edition of the software before launching a final version of the software. Wherever beta editions are launched, a lot of people and developers test them out to see the new features and improvements. Apple has previously launched iOS 7 Beta 2 edition. It has been seen that the number of people who are testing iOS 7 are much more than the number who tested iOS 6 the previous year. This year after the launch of beta editions of iOS 7 nearly as many as twice iPhones are upgraded with iOS 7 if we compare with the upgrading rate of iOS 6 previous year, as told by a company which deals in optimization of websites for mobile users.


When iOS 7 beta 1 was launched the daily traffic of the company was seen as 0.46 percent whereas in case of iOS 6 it was only 0.25 percent. 0.77 % of iPhone users and 0.28 % of iPad users are running the latest beta version of iOS 7 on their devices. Whereas the previous year only 0.38 % of iPhone users and 0.19 % of iPad users upgraded their devices to iOS 6 last year.

So, the question arises, why is there so much interest in pre-release of iOS 7?

The very first cause of this reason can be that the introduction of the new flat interface. The developers are working hard so that their applications suit the new apple iOS 7 interface. The second reason can be that there were a lot of twists and turns regarding this apple software. People were paying attention to all the minute details of the software and they want to know information about each and every aspect of the software.

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