iOS 7 Jailbreak with Evasion 2.0 Download Update

iOS 7 Jailbreak with Evasion 2.0 Download, Everyone is talking about the upcoming iOS 7 jailbreak from Evasion but we got some good news and some bad news for you all. The Bad news first, since iOS 7 Jailbreak will be a major release of Evasion Jailbreak tool after its initial release earlier this year, Evad3rs team wants to include every iOS 7 devices in the supported List.


With all said, there is one device that they have not tested the newly in development Jailbreak tool Evasion 2.0, we are talking about the iPad Mini 2.

This new addition to the Apple’s iPad line up comes with a retina display unlike its last version, Evad3rs will provide a Evasion 2.0 ETA only after they check the integrity of the jailbreak tool on the iPad mini 2 first.

That was the bad new, now the good news is that we know a jailbreak tool exists and its working. It is just the matter of some more testing before the public release. In numerous tweets from members of the Evasion jailbreak team, most notably from Musclenerd which states that they have tested the jailbreak on each version of iOS 7 and they are all supported.

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We receive many emails daily asking about the Delay in releasing a jailbreak, well the Jailbreak of iOS 7 is not as same as the jailbreak for previous versions of iOS. Most of you might know that iOS 7 is a complete redesign of iOS since its debut way back in 2007, with these new features comes completely new sets of instructions and code architectures. Which needs to be tested properly before releasing a jailbreak to the public.

Not only the safety of your device should be considered but possible misuse of loopholes that a jailbreak might left behind should also is check and fixed. But so and so, we are very close to a jailbreak and this will be released very soon. If you have not done yet so, do subscribe to us via email to receive the Download links and other updates about iOS 7 Jailbreak – Evasion 2.0 in your inbox, we wont let you left behind. Happy Jailbreaking.

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14 thoughts on “iOS 7 Jailbreak with Evasion 2.0 Download Update

  1. What is this you people say to input my email and i will get a download link for the jailbreak but I did not get any thing total rip off

    • This Happens when someone don’t read the full article. We are sorry that you misunderstood something here, We will push the direct download link to Evasion jailbreak when it goes out for public use. By Entering your email in the box you are subscribing to Evasion Jailbreak Website, which helps us to push important updates and Links to inbox of those interested. This also ensures that you will receive 100% original download link to your mail without the need to search and possibly get scammed by some fake website with surveys in the download links. Hope i am clear here.

    • Its not released yet..

  2. Danny talks about being ripped off!?? He’s likely to be one of the #### that clicks on all of the jailbreak websites offering hope to needy believers. Thanks for the updates.

  3. good news !!

  4. yo Danny, read the article Mister Ripoff

  5. such guys like Danny must pay for their stupidness. Give him a dead link now. He deserves it!

  6. Thanks evasion for the info I am one of the idiots who have been ripped off by other scams I will wait for yours and will be happy to throw some money your way for all your hard can’t wait. Thanks again Tom

  7. thank you for helping to digital freedom and thank you again for spending so much time to help others. those who speak badly you are idiots. you have my respect and your names will not be forgotten.


  8. iPhone Love. Jailbreak me.

  9. My iphone is getting excited :p …. Jailbreak is near I can smell it :p

  10. Chris Gleave says:

    can not wait lol

  11. This is great news I sure hope under the ios7 umbrella an Apple TV untethered jailbreak is added,thanks for all the hard work you guys do. Thank God for geniuses like you!

  12. Hats off to you guys waiting for your Jailbreak anxiously. Thanks in advance.