iOS 7 Jailbreak iPhone 4 – Download and Tutorial

iOS 7 Jailbreak iPhone 4, today a new jailbreak tool surfaced the internet by the name RageBreak. No need to get too much excited as this jailbreak works only with iPhone 4 and is a tethered jailbreak. RageBreak using the famous limera1n exploit that was used to jailbreak iPhone back in the days of iOS 4. This exploit is a hardware level exploit so newer device will never be supported for it.


Ragebreak is a tethered jailbreak which means you will need to fire up the software each time you reboot the device, apart for this problem we must tell you that we faced a lot of bugs and crashes on our iPhone 4 after we jailbroke it with Ragebreak.

Supported iDevices by Ragebreak

  • iPhone 4 GSM
  • iPhone 4 CDMA

Even though this jailbreaks normally (with lot of bugs of course) the jailbreak tool is not created by evad3rs nor have any association with it, we can’t be fully sure if this jailbreak cause any other serious security issue apart from the bugs we noticed. Well, for those adventure loving – risk taking people out there, here is the full tutorial.


iOS 7 Jailbreak tutorial for iPhone 4 using Ragebreak

  • Download the above requirements and install them.
  • After you install Java development kit properly, fire up Ragebreak tool.
  • Now we will see a terminal window, type 1 and hit the enter button.
  • Wait for Ragebreak for the initial building and patching process, if the process asks for installing XCODE press Install. This may take a long time, depending on your internet connection.
  • Now, Connect your iPhone 4 using the standard 30 pin connection to the computer.
  • Enter your iPhone into DFU mode when asked, well if you don’t remember you can do that by pressing and holding the power and home button for 10 seconds then release the power button while holding the home button for another 10-15 seconds or till you get the notification from the computer.
  • Now the Java app will start-up, when done go to the window and hit enter. When prompted enter alpine as the password and hit enter. Make sure you enter alpine when ever the software asks for a password.
  • When finished, press enter to return to the primary Ragebreak menu and put your iPhone 4 in DFU mode again.
  • Now, select the model you own and boot your iPhone tethered.
  • Once the iPhone reboots, go to Ragebreak and type 5 and hit enter to install Cydia.
  • Follow the onscreen instructions and put your device in DFU mode for the third time followed by tethered booting by selecting the model you have.

Our Thoughts

On the final note, the process is long and needs a hit of expertise to perform which in our views is not worth for a tethered jailbreak. I personally will love to follow these steps for an untethered jailbreak if exists. Even though this installs Cydia on your iPhone 4 running on iOS 7.0.4 but be warned that almost non of the cydia tweaks are compatible with iOS 7.0.4 since they are not upgraded, so this is practically useless. For more news on iOS 7 Jailbreak from Evad3rs and Evasion jailbreak subscribe to us by Email below.

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Happy Jailbreaking.

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9 thoughts on “iOS 7 Jailbreak iPhone 4 – Download and Tutorial

  1. I don’t want to risk with this jailbreak but I am getting tired of waiting the original ios 7 JB. Can you just tell us when it ‘ll come out?
    Thanks in advance….

  2. don’t know whether it would work well. anyone here applying this jailbreak to the own device?

  3. windows when

  4. Come Cu Decurioso says:

    very good site!

  5. Well I have tried and successfully installed cydia with the above method however like it was stated in the post it is basically useless since no tweaks work for it but my phone runs fine just as it did before I jail broke it

  6. All good until step 7 but 8 (When finished, press Enter to return to the primary menu Ragebreak and put your iPhone 4 in DFU mode again)
    I appears:
    / Users / Alberto / devtools / jb / line 109: cd: / / Users/Alberto/devtools/jb/opensn0w_build/bin /: No such file or directory
    / Users / Alberto / devtools / jb / line 110: ./opensn0w_cli: No such file or directory

    Someone you should know .. thanks

  7. I’ve applied this to my device got cydia and everything but anytime I get on cydia it gives me errors and says I should run apt-get update to fix the but I can’t do that since anytime I try to download a tweak it says sub-process error and plus mobile terminal isn’t available for ios 7 can somebody please help me

  8. I cant do this please help me :-(