iOS 7 Contacts Lost after Upgrade – How to Get your Contacts Back

iOS 7 Contacts Lost after Upgrade, Imagine that you have recently upgraded your iOS for more sophistication. However, your contacts must have vanished because of this upgrade. Never panic during such a situation as the best alternatives are still available for you. This is a problem faced by more than 200 million users of iPhone in general.

Other issues include iMessage and FaceTime showing up activation problems, Parallax getting jinxed, Wi-Fi or Bluetooth displaying problematic features and several other issues. Implement below given alternatives in order to obtain the best results.



  • Choose your Settings option.
  • Select iCloud
  • Log in with your Apple ID.
  • Turn iCloud Syncing ON by going to Contacts (Turn it OFF if already on and Turn ON again)

Performing the above simple steps in a perfect manner will let you obtain your iPhone contacts back again.

The reason why you have been experiencing such problem is because of the intervention of iCloud. More specifically, it gets synced with your contacts in such a way that your iPhone syncs back the iCloud with the contacts getting replaced even without your knowledge.

Restoration from Backup  

Syncing your iPhone with iTunes too is something that you must be doing commonly. Perhaps, this is one that most of the users have got routinely adjusted to. Getting back the lost contacts through the backup restoration process is something that needs to be done in order to obtain the best results on an overall.

  • Get a USB cable to connect your iPhone with a PC
  • Select iTunes from your device
  • Choose Device Summary by selecting the appropriate device
  • Opt for the Backup section
  • Prefer Restore Backup option
  • Select Restore by choosing appropriate backup option

Performing all the above steps in exactly the same way as mentioned will let you realize the best results in precisely the same way as you expect. Few iPhone users have been able to get their contacts back without trying any of the above strategies. For instance, mere turning OFF and again ON will let the device restore the contacts as usual without any operational experienced for sure.

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