iOS 7 Beta 5 Release Date

iOS 7 Beta 5 Release Date, Apple iOS 7 is about to reach its beta 5 stage. iOS 7 Beta 1 was release to developers at Apple’s WWDC 2013 two months ago, they released the latest beta version iOS 7 Beta 4 few days ago to the developers. iOS 7 Beta 4 comes with a lots of graphical and functional changes, may be we can call it as the version containing major changes to the firmware before the initial release.


According to our sources there will be two more beta versions of iOS 7 before the final release of the worlds best mobile operating system. If you have missed iOS 7 beta the most advanced and unique version of iOS after its debut in 2007 with the first iPhone. The new iOS comes with major design changes and easy access to settings within the system.

iOS 7 Beta 5 Release Date :

To predict the date of release of a new iOS 7 Beta version or any beta version we follow a simple loop, the loop is that Apple always releases the new Beta version exactly one month before the expiry of the earlier version. For example Beta 2 was released on 24th June 2013 and beta 2 expired after one month that is July 24th 2013. As of now we know that iOS 7 Beta will expire on 12th of September and following that loop tradition we can predict that iOS 7 Beta 5 will be released on 12th of august 2013.

So far we don’t have any news regarding when Apple will release the final version of iOS 7 to public but we are sure that there are few more versions of iOS 7 Beta before we can get our hands on the brand new iOS 7. If you want to try out iOS 7 Beta 4, you can download it and follow this tutorial to install it on your iOS device.

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