iOS 7 Beta 2 Allows Teaching SIRI How to Pronounce Names

iOS 7 Beta 2 Allows Teaching Siri How to Pronounce Names, Siri was introduced for the very first time in iPhone 4S and is now one of the most popular features of iPhone. Siri helps you by asking your queries and answering them with the help of voice recognition. It not only comes with iPhone but is also available on iPad and iPod.


Siri is one of the unique iPhone features but sometimes the wrong pronunciation of words creates problems in communication between you and Siri and when such problem persist it creates frustration. Many people have complained that Siri cannot pronounce their names properly.

Apple has recently launched the iOS 7 Beta 2 edition and in the update it was found that you can teach Siri how to pronounce your names properly. You will get a new mode in Siri by the name of Teaching Mode where you can pronounce your name and Siri will save it in its memory. After that Siri will give you some options and these options will pronounce your name.

Check all the options and whichever option pronounces your name best save it. The next time when Siri will call your name, it will use the same pronunciation selected by you. This will help in developing a better interface and understanding between you and Siri. Apart from this, iOS 7 Beta 2 also allows you to select male or female voice in Siri. You can choose either of Male or Female voice in Siri to communicate with your and answer your questions. iOS 7 Beta also includes multiple languages in Siri.

If Siri is having any trouble in pronouncing any particular name it will ask you to teach it how to pronounce that name properly and then will save in its memory. Only time and tests will tell if Apple brings this feature in the final version of iOS 7. iOS 7 is expected to reach people by September.

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