iOS 7 Battery Life – Problems

iOS 7 Battery Life Problems, May be it’s too early to start a discussion over this but many have this question – what is the impact on the battery life of the iOS device by the iOS 7. Well the difference can be noticed by the people who have already downloaded the iOS 7 beta version. iOS 7 is fully packed with a lot of features. Experts tell any things but if you want a fastest experience, with many apps running at a time, then such a powerful OS should have an impact on your battery life. Here are few things that may have an effect.


iOS 7 Features Affecting Battery Performance:

  • Background Tilt – is always on and it constantly monitors the gyro.
  • Clock – real time and is multifunctional
  • Camera is better, loaded with many features in the photo app.
  • Graphics are also better  in Safari tabs
  • Multitasking

Yeah these are the ones you see, the immediate one’s .There are loads of different processes going on behind the scene and, few say that each features uses only little of battery, but when you add them up you have a system that will eat all your battery life very quickly. The main thing to keep in mind is that Beta version especially of the brand new iOS Firm ware tend to use up the battery power and has many issues. The true score of the firm ware will be known once it’s released in the public. Just in case you want to save your battery life there is always an option to switch off apps, notifications and toggles that are unnecessary. The better option would be purchasing a battery pack case which is designed to increase the battery efficiency.

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