iOS 7 Activation Failed Solution

iOS 7 Activation Failed Solution, If you guys are following the recent news Apple’s Developer center was attacked by an intruder, following which Apple has shut down the facility and is said to be working on the system security. No Damage has been done to the Apple servers or the personal sensitive information being stored there but this incidence left an after effect.


May be Apple have rechecked the Developer center and its services so deep that i guess they have disabled our little trick, the trick i am talking about is install iOS 7 beta without UDID registration. Well, this is one of the hottest tricks if you are a fan of iOS beta version, the Shift + check for Update for windows or Option + check for update trick is no longer working and adding more spice to the case if you are using iOS 7 without UDID registration your iPhone might get disabled sooner or later. Like it got disabled for me this morning, today when i woke up i unlocked my iPhone to check my mails and notifications when the iPhone restarted and gone is my iOS 7, Apple asking me to register the device to the developer program to continue using it.

Well, till now the case sounds normal, but if you had FindMyiPhone enabled on your iPhone the problem gets serious. You can’t restore the device because you have FindMyiPhone enabled on your device and you can’t disable it as your device is stuck in the Activation screen. There are two solutions to this problem, one is to get the iPhone is DFU mode and restore it, but this trick didn’t work for few of our team members. But we will show you a trick that will never fail.

Things required

  • Latest Version of iTunes
  • iOS 6.1.4 for iPhone 5 or iOS 6.1.3 for other devices. Download here.

Steps to fix iOS 7 Activation failed

  • Connect your Disabled / Un-Activated iPhone to the computer using USB cable.
  • Press Shift for windows or Option for Mac and click on Check for Updates.
  • Select iOS 6.1.4 IPSW file for iPhone 5 or iOS 6.1.3 IPSW file for other devices and let iTunes do the rest.
  • Well, when the update complete your device will end up in Recovery Mode (Connect to iTunes logo on the screen).
  • Now, Press Shift or Option and click on Restore.
  • Select iOS 6.1.4 IPSW for iPhone 5 or iOS 6.1.3 for other devices and wait.
  • This time your device will be restored to iOS 6.1.4 and will be back in action.

Ok, you got your iPhone back but there are some things you won’t get back – the backups of iOS 7 wont work on iOS 6, means you can’t restore to your most recent backup you will need to restore to the last backup you did with iOS 6 on your device. Contacts, SMS and other updates will be lost. If you know a way to get this things back do let us known in the comments below. More than that you won’t be able to install iOS 7 without a developer account.

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