iOS 7.1 Jailbreak

iOS 7.1 Jailbreak, here we go Apple released iOS 7.1 to public and the craze of a jailbreak is on. Specially for that upgraded to the latest OS, because as mentioned in our posts earlier, iOS 7.1 patches some of the exploits that Evasi0n 7 use to jailbreak iOS. In other words Evasi0n 7 doesn’t work on iOS 7.1, so if you have not upgraded to iOS 7.1 yet, you better not do it sooner or till we say you to.


Well, With lots of new features, tweaks and bug fixes iOS 7.1 do looks tempting but its nothing less than a nightmare for those of us who likes the Jailbreak. As tweeted by Evad3rs member and popular jailbreak developer MuscleNerd on tweeter that Jailbreakers should stay away from iOS 7.1 as not only you will lose your jailbreak but you will never be able to downgrade to iOS 7.0.5 or earlier even if you have your SHSH Blobs saved unless you have a iPhone 4.

But for those who don’t care about jailbreaking and the awesome jailbreak tweaks, iOS 7 comes will a lot of improvement to the already claimed worlds best mobile OS. Anyway, you don’ have to worry about automatic OTA updates this time because evasi0n7 disables OTA updates when you jailbreak your device with Evasi0n7. Apart from that if you wish to install the new iOS 7.1 on your device you should do it by connecting your device to iTunes and manually upgrading it.

With all that said, as a final remainder iOS 7.1 disables Evasi0n 7 so if you want to keep your Jailbreak stay away from the new update. Evad3rs are working hard to jailbreak iOS 7.1 at the moment, for updates on jailbreak iOS 7.1 subscribe to us via email below and like our Facebook page and twitter handle.

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17 thoughts on “iOS 7.1 Jailbreak

  1. Thanks

  2. I had my ipod touch 5g jailbroken on ios 7.0.6 and I restored it and upgraded it to 7.1 before I found out that you couldn’t jailbreak ios 7.1 and now I’m not happy because I don’t know what to do! Someone please help me I don’t want to wait I luv the jailbreak its awesome!

  3. Hurry

  4. Waseem iqbal says:

    How to download evision jail break for 7.1

  5. You have to update through the computer right? And can you update iOS 7.1 the latest update or are you releasing a jailbreak soon?

  6. my iphone 5 s now 7.1 !!! i didint want !!!! :((( i had 7.0 jail ….

  7. if you have iOs 6.1 on iPhone 4, is it possible to upgrade to 7.1, and then using SHSH Blobs, could you downgrade to 7.0.6?

  8. I have an iphone 4 and upgraded to ios 7.1 how can i down grade?

  9. Paul Gonzales says:

    What??? I managed to jailbreak my iPad 3 but the time when the batteries died and i obviously plugged it onto its charger and opened my iPad it won’t boot up. I got stuck on the Apple Logo.. so i left it to charge for an hour then tried to restore via ipsw 7.0.4. then all hell broke lose.

    here’s what happened.

    1. This device isn’t eligible for this build.
    2. I tried modifying the hosts file, but the isn’t there.
    3. I tried the sudo thing on terminal.
    4. re-downloaded itunes 11.0.5 and tried to restore from that. but its still the same.
    5. i got fed up from researching and it took me almost the whole day (14hours) to look for solutions and trying them out. still no cigar.
    6. it left me no choice but to restore and update to 7.1.x which is the latest.

    so you guys mean to say that I couldn’t downgrade or jailbreak my iPad 3 for a couple of months or so???

    I technically use my iPad 3 for work and personal use and some of the apps i use (lets just say) aren’t on the itunes store.

  10. hope it come by the weekend…………..