iOS 7.1 Features Full List

iOS 7.1 Features Full List, The arrivals of iOS 7.1 comes with a number of changes, in as mush as it is not a full version firmware, a lot of which will be accepted. its predecessor, iOS 7 didn’t attract an overall approval from all. Some even had the opinion that it was not necessary for the manufacturer, in this case Apple, to introduce iOS 7. [Download iOS 7.1 Here].


The introduction of iOS 7.1 attempts to deal with a number of bugs that were experienced at the same time work on the issues that did not go well with users with iOS 7. The changes are quit a number, just few outstanding ones are listed below.

User Interface with improved speed

One significant change is the user interface, With iOS 7, one had to swipe a lot more to get going. The other effects such as panning and zooming were a bit unimpressive. Though the manufacturer attempted to give the firmware more complexity, the speed on the animations were not impressive. The successor, iOS 7.1 has brought transformation, adding speed, and a smoother nicer general experience.

Round shaped buttons

iOS 7 was to partly bring out a round visual feeling specially in cell strength indicator. the arrival of  iOS 7.1 uses this to a higher scale. The call answering button has been rounded as opposed to what used to be more rectangular. The other rounded parts include the Unlock slider which has been reduced in color to a white colored round button down the screen.  The dialer has been upgraded with improved color,and what used to be the rectangular button for making calls is in a circular shape. It also comes with the options that allows the user to change the shape of buttons at will, below is procedure for doing so.

  • Go to setting
  • Select on general
  • Select on accessibility
  • Select the button shape to

A Darker colored Keyboard

The up keys on the keyboard are now darker, giving them a bolder look. It still lacks the ability to predict text as compared to android.

HDR (High-dynamic-range) Auto

The other change is in the camera, having improved on the HDR feature. When the HDR Auto is selected, the camera application is able to detect when the HDR needs to be applied. This give the user an edge where there is no need of turning it on and off .this feature is only available with only iPhone five. The user is also able to upload images taken in burst mode to the photo stream.

Notification Changes

Users with multiple devices on iOS 7.1 will gain much from this, in as much as it is a small change.As long as the rest of the devices have been updated, answering a FaceTime call on one device causes notifications on the rest of the devices that are lined up to the same account to clear.

A Few More Tweaks to the UI

The user Interface has more transformations, the Control center has been overhauled. It now has the slide gesture smoothed with a completely different and has a brand new bounce animation. When playing music the control center now has the ability to displays what application is being used to play.

More tweaking has been done on the notification center with outstanding fonts. When you do not have any notifications you receive a message stating“No Notifications”. Logos such as Yahoo and Flickr have also been modified.The weather application has also been modified.

Parallax disengagement

When you tap on Perspective zoom, you disengage Parallax from the wall paper.  A lot of stock apps have now received outstanding fonts  as the Safar is given a different search engine.

Slight but significant improvements are evident on the music app. The color is different, the shuffle and repeat song mode on the now playing screen are a bit bolder and more visible. A different button has been given to the iTunes radio while in the photo app, the choose filter gets a little different appearance.

Color Reduction

Apple brought in a blinding green with iSO 7, this has been significantly reduced by the arrival of iOS 7.1. the green color is still experience but on a lesser value. The white color that was a bit too much with iOS 7 can now be controlled by the user. This is done as follows:

  • Opening Settings
  • Choose general
  • Move on to choose Accessibility
  • Tapping on Increase Contrast
  • select between Reduce White Point and Darken Colors

More Features on the Calendar

the new utilities on the stock calendar app that comes with iOS 7.1 is impressive, modifications are done on the month view enabling events look bolder. Moreover,holidays for every different country have been added to it. This makes it more interesting to use than the previous version.

Repositioned Touch ID

This feature has been made more outstanding, the Touch ID has been moved to the first page of the setting app as opposed to how it was disguised before.

iOS Car Play

Summing up the list of modifications is the ability for iOS 7.1 to support car play, this is available in the beta versions of iOS 7.1. this feature was recently launched in Geneva and cars are to have it sooner this year.

The iOS 7.1 attempts to deal with many problems experienced with its predecessor, though it is not such a massive release. The release comes with a lot of changes not mentioned here that you get to learn as you interact with iOS 7.1. Be advised that the new firmware has patch Evasi0n 7, never update unless you want to loss the jailbreak.

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