iOS 7.1.2 Likely to be available with WWDC 2014

iOS 7.1.2 Likely to be available with WWDC 2014, Since the release of iOS 7 in September 2013, there has been some updates for fixing problems including security loopholes. Though apple may see the updates as sufficient, there is still a high percentage of iOS users raising alarms on bugs still present. Some claim their batteries tend to get used up faster than normal as others say their gadgets are less responsive.


Given that apple is expected to release iOS 8 during the World Wide Developers Conference it is believed that iOS 7.1.1 would be the final update. Yet in reference to MacRumors, devices using iOS 7.1.2 have appeared on their website in the past few days a sign that there could be another update coming.

The release of iOS 8 is expected to be followed by the unveiling of the first beta to developers. If this works, then there should be a new firmware launched to the public in September prior to the iPhone 6 launch.  Apple is famous for releasing updates whenever a new firmware is releases into beta. These usually target specific matters especially those that may have an impact on security and performance and not just general updates

Right now it is possible that iOS 7.1.2 will be thrown to the public sooner though it is not known what it will target. It could maybe come fixing the activation lock security that has been spotted as an issue before. Apart from this iOS 8 is all set to be showcased in Apple’s WWDC 2014, recently banners showing the iOS 8 logo and rumored new version of OS X logo has been spotted by curious visitors to the WWDC 2014 event centre.

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