iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak Release Date – Update

iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak Release Not Soon, One thing that is certain with every iOS release is the issue of availability of a jailbreak. This has included the iOS 7 that recently hit the market coming with a few bug fixers such as keyboard and Touch ID upgrades.


It is advisable for those who want to keep their jailbreaks not to upgrade as there is no news concerning any jailbreak. As it is well known iOS 7 came patching the exploit that was used with Evasi0n 7 meaning any upgrade leads to loss of jailbreak. Jailbreak developers have made it clear that there will be no jailbreaks until iOS 8 comes out around September as was confirmed by Pod2g. When asked about the availability of a jailbreak, his answer leaned towards a probable no until iOS 8.

This does not come as good news for them that have really anticipated a jailbreak but Pod2g gave slim hopes that in case he finds himself idle, he has some ways to work on a jailbreak. The release of iOS 8 seems set is due for a month, expected to be during the WWDC 2014 in San Francisco. As it stands, the first Beta set for the latest firmware is to be released to developers and there is a possibility of jailbreak developers beginning to start figuring out how to come up with a jail break meaning they will not have time for other things.

Some expectations are that with what happened to iOS 6.1.3, a new jailbreak was released later but it did not come from Evad3rs. At this stage it does not seem like it will happen. All this does not nullify the fact that iOS 7.1 and 7.1.1 have no possibility of a jailbreak. Just the other day Winocm posted a video on YouTube showing a jailbroken phone running on iOS 7.1, a possibility that P0sixninja confirmed. Its release is withheld given that if Apple comes across it, it might end up being patched rendering it useless.

The random reboot issue has been a widespread problem all over the iOS community, this has been fixed by iOS 7.1.1 coming as a relief to many users. Though it is only the first update since iOS 7 was released it might be the last before iOS 8 comes out.

Evasi0n for iOS 7.1.1 Jailbreak is not going to happen sooner. Evad3rs are saving the possible exploits for next major release of iOS 8,  but if you remember Evad3rs are not the only jailbreak team out there, other also claim to have iOS 7.1 jailbreak, but when will it be released to public? Well, we will let you know. Don’t forget to subscribe for updates.

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