iOS 6.1.2 Download with Bug Fixes

iOS 6.1.2 Download with Bug Fixes to address Exchange Calender bug has been released by Apple less than an hour back. The new release of iOS is mainly targeted to fix the exchange Calender issue that has affected a lot of iOS users in the last couple of weeks. The bug significantly increased your network bandwidth consumption which in turn slows down the device with reduced battery life.

The Update note from Apple that appeared on the upgrade screen of iPhone clearly indicates that this calender bug fix in the main reason for this iOS release from Apple. As we are still testing iOS 6.1.2 with jailbreak capabilities, we will suggest you not to upgrade till we give any confirmation or you may lose your Untethered Jailbreak for ever.


Prior to this Apple release iOS 6.1.1 in a rush to deal with serious connectivity issues which stopped users from using their iPhone 4S literally. Even though Apple fixed the exchange Calender issue there are yet few more issues to be fixed after all, from all the more recent bug is synchronizing difficulties between iOS 6.1 devices and exchange servers which ends up in a continuous loop of synchronization.

Unlike iOS 6.1.1 which is released just for iPhone 4S, iOS 6.1.2 is released for all iOS devices like iPhone 5 , iPhone 4s , iPhone 4 and including all iPads and iPods. Apple has promised that it has fixed all the known bugs in this release but only time will tell the truth. However, that main point we all are worried about is Do iOS 6.1.2 untethered jailbreakable? the answer is we don’t know yet. We are putting each step with extreme care because if it’s not, there is no turning back.

The Direct Download links for iOS 6.1.2 are available at our download page, look for your device in the list and click on the iOS version you want to download for it. For any issues leave us a comment below.

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