Installous alternatives for you iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

Installous alternatives for you iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch, When I jaibroke my iPhone the best app for me was of course Installous. I could get any paid app for free without connecting my iPhone to my computer. It was the most useful and handy app for my jailbroken iPhone. Any app I needed, I used to instantly turn to Installous. But when Hackul0us closed down recently, I was not only shocked, but I got panicked too. I am of the lazy kind. The least amount of physical activity I do, the happier I am. So, every time connecting my iPhone to my computer whenever I needed to install a paid app on my iPhone became a task for me that I used to despise. So, I started looking for some alternatives to Installous. And boy, I found some pretty good ones! Here, I am sharing them with you.



The most popular app of its kind after Installous, AppCake has become just the place to get the apps now that you used to get from Installous before. Go to Cydia-Mange-Sources-Edit-Add and type in to add the repo. This will do the trick. You will have an icon on your home screen called AppCake just like you used to have Installous.


This is another alternative to Installous. The best part is that it looks quite similar to Installous. So, it won’t be difficult for you to navigate through it if you are a previous Installous user. Most of the app names are in Chinese, but finding them is not so difficult.


This is a paid app and is available for $5 per year. You don’t need a jailbroken device in order to be able to use this app. Sometimes it might be unstable, but normally it is easy to use.


Using this app, you can download paid apps for free and at the same time, you can use this app to browse and transfer your stored files between your iOS device and your computer.


This app also does not require your device to be jailbroken. But the interface is in Chinese. But you will be able to find your apps without any difficulty.

For more useful information about your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch, keep following Evasion Jailbreak. If you have any queries, leave a comment below. We shall get back to you.

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4 thoughts on “Installous alternatives for you iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch

  1. Hi guys, sorry to post this comment here, but I didn’t know hot to post it in the correct place. I have one question please, currently i have iPhone 4 jail-broken with evasion jailbreak, I wanted today to save my shsh blobs using iFaith (I have ios 6.1.1 currently installed) but when i dumbed the shsh blobs, the strange thing is that iFaith told me that the saved blobs are for ios 6.1.3!?
    So could this happen, that i have ios 6.1.1 and have blobs of 6.1.3??
    I have clicked an option in cydia tss center, it was like (use 6.1.3) or something like it.Could this made my ios 6.1.1 with 6.1.3 blobs?
    Could i recover and dumb my ios 6.1.1. shshs blobs?

    • Hi, Use TinyUmbrella to save your SHSH blobs. SHSH blobs from saved in Cydia and iFaith seems to be giving some issues. Which is now fixed as told by Saurik but to be on the safer side, Save it using TinuUmbrella.

      Reply to this comment when you read it. We have to remove it as it is on a non-related post. Hope that Helps.

      • I tried to save them using tiny umbrella newest version, but tiny umbrellla doesnt show anything, the list still empty!
        You said cydia fixed the bug? Can we use the blob from there now?
        Answer my question and remove this post, thanks in advance.

        • No, Cydia fixed it. the new ones being saved now might work. Cydia servers lost almost all the SHSH blobs saved on them. Using TinyUmbrella is the best option. You can try saving your SHSH blobs using a different computer.