Install Siri On iPhone 4 running iOS 6

Install Siri On iPhone 4 running iOS 6, yes you read that right our favorite virtual assistant is now available for iPhone 4 using a Cydia tweak. Those who have an iPhone 4S or an iPhone 5 already has access to Siri from the stock iOS firmware but for those with an iPhone 4 or iPod touch can enjoy her services by installing this simple Cydia app.

Siri package for iPhone 4 and iPod Touch is called Wordjelly, It’s a siri alternative and can be installed from Cydia. Your iPhone 4 must be jailbroken running on iOS 6.0, iOS 6.0.1, iOS 6.1.1 and iOS 6.1.2 firmware.


Steps to Install Siri on iPhone 4 – iPod Touch

  • We need to install an Siri Graphical User interface ( GUI )
  1. Open Cydia and tap on ManageSourcesEdit and then Add.
  2. Type in in the url field and tap on Add Source.
  3. Once Done, go to the Bassamkassem repo and scroll down till you see [Ac!d]Siri-iOS 6.x.x


  4. From this list tap on the tweak matching to the iOS version you are using.
  5. Install it and reboot your device.


  • Now, Time to install the Siri package that does all the┬áback-end┬áthing.
  1. In cydia go back to Manage – Sources – Edit – Add
  2. Add this repo


  3. Once done, search for iOS 6 WordJelly Control Panel and install it
  4. Reboot Once again.
  5. Go to SettingsSiri and tap to turn it on.
  6. Go back to Settings – Scroll down to Ac!d settings and Enable Siri here too.
  7. Tap on the Proxy Host and Check this url there –
  8. Once again back to settings – Wordjelly and install the certificate.
  9. Reboot for the final time.

Congratulations now you have Siri on your iPhone 4 or iPod Touch. For any Issue leave us a comment below.

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12 thoughts on “Install Siri On iPhone 4 running iOS 6

  1. it works only in english?

  2. Same for me. Actually it needs english questions, and it answers like a german would speak english…

    Help, am I too dumb?

  3. Using IOS 6.0.0. iPhone 4. Every time I install the Ac!d Siri and or Word Jelly, each one gets rid of the other. Help?

  4. “each one gets rid of the other”

    same for me

  5. Siri doesn’t run over 3G cellular network

  6. once i turn siri on on my iphone 4 gsm it turns off automatically.

    • In that case Skip the turning the turning on part and perform the rest, install certificate and set in the proxy then turn SiRi on.

  7. I followed the instructions to the T, every time i go to enable siri under general settings it disables itself once i go back and look again, thus making it to where siri doesn’t work. I have siri, but there is no response when I ask a question.

  8. Felipe Couto says:

    Worked to me, is just have attention to do all steps correctly. Very thanks to you.

  9. everytime i try to turn on or enable siri it automatically turns it off ! i followed the steps right it never turn on siri ! HELP PLEASE

  10. i also have the same problem