2 thoughts on “Install iOS 7 Beta 3 Without UDID Registration Developer Account

  1. Don Barra says:

    Thnx for keeping us updated. Just installed Beta 3 on my 4S & it looks really nice (for a Beta). The color of the controls in the Notification Center are a bit faint & hard to read and the parallax effect on the home screen could stand a bit more motion like the jailbreak version. Also, could not find a way to put home page into landscape view.

    Many of my apps (48 to be exact) choked and had to be deleted from the 4S on my iMac, then reloaded directly from the App Store to the phone …rather time consuming, but understandable.

    I did not anticipate liking the new look, but found it pleasant after getting it set up. ‘Looking forward to the final version.

    • Our first reaction after installing iOS 7 was same, it looks way better than it looked on images. Thanks for the comment.