Huge order for iOS devices from the US Department of Defense

Huge order for iOS devices from the US Department of Defense, If reports are to be believed, then soon the monopoly of Research in Motion’s Blackberry will be over in the United States of America’s Department of Defense. It has been reported that the Department of Defense is going to place an order with Apple for 210000 iPhones, 120000 iPads, 120000 iPad Minis and 200000 iPod Touches. In all, it totals to about 650,000 iOS devices. Half of these devices will be used in the Pentagon, and the other half will be used on filed.



The Department of Defense is supposed to phase out around 470000 Blackberry devices that are not compatible with the new BB10 operating system. If everything goes on as reported, then soon you will be seeing a lot of iPhones, iPads, iPad Minis and iPod Touches in the hands of defense personnel, who have mostly been seen wielding Blackberry devices. Also this move may encourage other departments to embrace the Apple iOS devices. There is also a good possibility that governments of other countries will also consider using the Apple iOS devices for doing the day-to-day activities of their countries. This means nothing but huge amounts of profits to Apple, whereas Research in Motion’s Blackberry seems to be losing out in this war against Apple, among others.

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