Get the HTC flip clock on your iPhone

Get the HTC flip clock on your iPhone, Are you a fan of the famous HTC flip clock? Why won’t you be? It is an excellent piece of aesthetic work. It is beautiful. It tells us the time too. Now you can have this marvelous time keeping piece on your iPhone. You heard me. On your very own iPhone. But the only little problem; your iPhone needs to be a jailbroken piece. It is one, right? If it is not then use Evasi0n to jailbreak it, and enjoy this tweak as well as countless others.


This Cydia tweak is called Flip Clock for Notification Center. You can download it in Cydia from the BigBoss repository for a meager sum of $0.99. It is compatible with every version of iOS 5 and iOS 6 firmware.

Flip Clock for Notification Center adds a flip clock like the one you find in HTC devices to your iPhone’s Notification Center. It also sports a running seconds counter, which operates in the flip fashion. So, you can see the beautiful flip every second of the day. Using other tweaks like IntelliScreen and LockInfo 5, the flip clock can also be displayed on the lock screen and the homescreen. It can be set to display the time either in 12-hr format or 24-hr format. It can also be set to display the day and date just below the time. It is beautiful and useful. So, if your iPhone is already jailbroken, then go to Cydia and search for Flip Clock for Notification Center and download it. What should you do after that? Just enjoy the look of your beautiful flip clock. You can check the time too, if you want.

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