How to Watch Apple iPhone 6 Event Live on Windows

How to Watch Apple iPhone 6 Event Live on Windows, Apple is about to release iPhone 6 in just a few hours from now and they will stream the live event on their website but unfortunately only people with a Mac device will be able to watch it. In other words you will need a Computer running Mac OSX or any iOS device like iPhone or iPad to watch the highly awaited event, well now we have some good news for those on Windows PC.


The event will kick off at 10 AM PDT at the Flint Center of Performing Arts. For start time according to your city check the listing below. To watch the event live by visiting Apple’s official website, you will need have the following

  • Mac OS X 10.6.8 or higher
  • iOS 6 or higher
  • Apple TV 2 or 3 with iOS 6.2 or higher
  • Windows PC User , read below for more details

Main Attractions of the Event

iOS 8

The Final version of iOS 8 and new features will be revealed by Apple. Hopefully the gold master will be released today. OSX Yosemite will also be unveiled.

iPhone 6

The star of the show, iPhone 6 most probably come in two models one with a 4.7 inch display and one with 5.5 inch display. According to sources they will be known as iPhone Air and iPhone pro.


Another highly awaited device, many experts in the industry even claimed this will have an impact the iPhone 1 had, which will change and create a new market segment on its own. Like they said, even the Apple’s competitors wants the iWatch to succeed, because not all can create a new market like Apple does.

How to Watch iPhone 6 Event in Windows PC

Since Apple event will be steamed for all Mac and iOS devices, those of us with Windows machine are left out. But everything has its way, here is a quick work around to watch Apple iPhone 6 live event on your Windows PC. For this trick you will need to have VLC Media Player, most of you might already have it, if you don’t you can download it from here for free. Install it and follow the steps below to watch the iPhone 6 live event.

  • Run VLC Player
  • On Top Menu bar, Click on MediaOpen Network Stream
  • Copy and Paste this URL – in the Network URL box.
  • And Hit Play, You will see Apple Live Event Details with Start Time as 10 AM PDT. If you don’t you did something wrong. Recheck the URL and try again.

iPhone 6 Event Timings

  • Australia – Sydney – September 10th at 3 AM
  • Rio de Janeiro – Brazil – September 9th at 2 PM
  • Beijing – China – September 10th at 1 AM
  • Cairo – Egypt – September 9th at 8 PM
  • Berlin – Germany – September 9th at 7 PM
  • New Delhi – India – September 9th at 10.30 PM
  • Tokyo – Japan – September 10th at 2 AM
  • Moscow – Russia – September 9th at 9 PM
  • Singapore – September 10th at 1 AM
  • Cape Town – South Africa – September 9th at 7 PM
  • Dubai – UAE – September 9th at 9 PM
  • London – UK – September 9th at 6 PM
  • Hong Kong – September 10th at 1 AM
  • New York – USA – September 9th at 1 PM
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