How to Watch Apple iPad Event Live

How to Watch Apple iPad Event Live, Apple is about to hold its upcoming press event in a couple of hours from now. The event will be held in the auditorium of the Town Hall at the campus location of the company. This article will give you the basic things to expect from the event. But before we go that, check this video to be able to watch the proceedings live.


On each of the following devices that are mentioned below, you will need to install certain prerequisites to be able to watch the online screening of the event on Apple’s event page:

  • Mac- You will need OS X 10.6.8, Safari 5.1.10 or higher version. Open your Safari application and type this address.

  • Apple TV 2 or 3- You will need iOS 6.2 or higher version. You can then go to the Main menu to get the Apple Events channel where you can watch the event.
  • Windows- In the official sense, this event cannot be watched on Windows as it does not support this OS. But you can still watch it on the VLC Media Player- A specific address for media file which has not yet been issued will be required.
  • iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad- You will need iOS 6 or higher version. Open your Safari application and advance to this page.

What is the timing of the event?

The start time of the event is 10:00 AM PST. Here is a list of the timings of this event in different time sectors

  • United Kingdom – 16th of October- 18:00 PM
  • Cape Town- 16th of October- 19:00 PM
  • Istanbul- 16th of October- 20:00 PM
  • Moscow- 16th of October- 21:00 PM
  • New Delhi- 16th of October- 22:30 PM
  • Hong Kong – 17th of October- 01:00 AM
  • Beijing- 17th of October- 01:00 AM
  • Tokyo- 17th of October- 02:00 AM

What are your expectations from this event?


The duration of the event is two hours. The invites that have been sent to major officials contains an attached tag which says it’s been too long. We can deduce from this that the Cupertino Company may also unveil or release many more updates such as 27 inch Mac with Retina display as well as the upcoming version of the Apple TV.

Certainly the event will unveil both the iPad mini 3, OS X 10.10 Yosemite and the iPad Air 2. There is a probability that the company may also release iOS 8.1. Let us know whether you will stay tuned to watch the event. Follow our website to get all the information regarding the event.

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