How to View and Export Live Photos on iOS 9

How to View and Export Live Photos on iOS 9, One of the newest features available for the iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus is the capability to shoot Live Photos. The good thing is that if you have an iOS device that runs on the iOS 9 firmware, you can actually view these, though they can be shared out only in three different ways and maintain the Live aspect. Below, we will be talking about how we can actually view the Live Photos.

What to identify a Live Photo

Live Photos can be pointed apart from normal photos by what seems to looks like a bull’s-eye on the upper left corner of the photo. Now if the Live Photo taken is saved into your Camera Roll, the icon of the bull’s-eye will tend to disappear in a short period of time.

Viewing Live Photos on your iOS Device

The new feature 3D touch, just the right little bit of software and hardware magic, the simplicity of viewing a Live Photo on an iPhone 6S is a charm, which gets us to think how the Live Photo could be viewed on a device not enabled with 3D touch.

Let’s say a Live Photo is being received via a Shared Photo Album or maybe via AirDrop. All you have to do is Tap and Hold the required Live Photo with your finger. This is like a magic trick where the photo comes to life with an air time of 1.5 seconds, live footage before and after the actual shot is, letting the older model users enjoy the preview of a Live Photo.

Now if the Live Photo is sent to you via a Message, The same procedure of Tap and Hold should be done, where the thumbnail in your message should be tapped and as the full image comes up, tap and hold onto the image and see it come to life!

This comes to a relief that Apple didn’t lock this feature to the iPhone 6s only, and that all iOS 9 users are able to view and enjoy Live Photos, even though only iOS users who only use the newer devices will be able to shoot.

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