How to Use Non Supported lightning Cables on iOS 7

How to Use Non Supported lightning Cables on iOS 7, Now we all know how Apple is that they don’t want you to use non-certified and cheap accessories with the iOS devices they offer. Well they do that for a reason, Apple devices are premium devices and they are expensive and using cheap and 3rd party attachments may damage the Device. Apple does that for your and your device’s protection. But the other side of the story is that those certified or original Apple cables and other accessories are expensive as well.  The scenario got worse with iOS 7, this latest version of the World’s more advanced mobile operation system doesn’t support cheap and non-certified accessories what so ever.


All the cables that they make are tested and they make sure that they pass safety regulations from governments all around the world. The cables they are designed to work with certain models of iOS only.

Just in case you don’t feel like buying one of the official cables then don’t worry using this trick you can get iOS 7 to work for you.

  • Connect the cable to your device and connect the other side to a USB port of your Computer.
  • Tap on Dismiss when any warning pop up.
  • Now, unlock the device like you normally do.
  • Tap on Dismiss for any other warning as well.
  • While on your home screen pull out the cable from your device.
  • Wait for a second and plug it back in while still on the home screen.
  • Tap on dismiss again, now your device will work with the cheap cable normally.

Once again as i said earlier the reason for not using 3rd party non-certified accessories has a genuine reason and we strongly recommend to use original and certified gear with your premium devices. Recently there was a news about a Chinese woman who got electrocuted for using a cheap USB cable with her iPhone for charging.

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2 thoughts on “How to Use Non Supported lightning Cables on iOS 7

  1. hope have a jailbreak for iphone 5 because my iphone is blocked and the jailbreak its the single chance for work

  2. how can I do this? charging cable is not working on ios 7.0.3 . Please tell me more