How To Use iPad To Make or Receive Cellular Calls In iOS 8 Via iPhone

How To Use iPad To Make or Receive Cellular Calls In iOS 8, With the recent rolling out of exiting new features in iOS 8, users will be at a position to seamlessly integrate with OS X 10.10 Yosemite that has experience upgrade in Mac. Though it must be noted that it is common for people to struggle and get stuck every time new features are brought on board. Below are the steps to walk you through how to make and receive calls using iPad or iPod Touch. Before that, it is a requirement that you be an iPhone user.


During the unpacking of Appleā€™s latest firmware, a lot of glamour was experience and one such area was the FaceTime voice calling that enables you to make calls using a number of devices seamlessly. This enables you to simple pick your calls through your iPad or Mac as opposed to fighting to reach for your iPhone.

Though Yosemite has not officially come out, it will come with a feature to support FaceTime voice calling. Below are the steps to use with iPad which are similar to those of iPod touch. Before you can be able to use this feature, your iPhone must be running on iOS 8, and both the iPhone and the other device to be used must be connected to a Wi-Fi hotspot. There is also need to connect to the same iCloud or FaceTime accounts with the same apple ID every time.

  1. Go to settings then FaceTime and toggle iPhone Cellular Calls On, on your iPhone.
  2. Apply the same procedure above on your iPad or iPod Touch to make sure iPhone Cellular Calls is On. From there both devices are now connected, go to contacts on iPad or iPod touch and make calls. To receive calls just tap accept on the connected device. To disable the feature simple do step 1 but toggle OFF instead.


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