How to use Head Gestures in iOS 7

How to use Head Gestures in iOS 7 iPhone iPad, The introduction of iOS 7 has allowed users to control some features of their mobile platforms with just head gestures. This application’s intention is to allow Apple products with iOS such as iPhone, iPad or iPod touch more manageable in an old-fashioned but nice manner.


Though the recent release of iOS 7.1 has come with changes from Apple that many are gradually getting acquainted with, the little-known head gesture feature was introduced with iOS 7 in September, meaning it is available with any iOS 7 series.

How to use iOS 7.1 Head Gestures

A progressive explanation on how to get started is below. Keep in mind that traditional gestures are better and easier than head gestures.

  • To get you started with the head gesture, open Settings and go to General from general head straight to accessibility then Switch Control.
  • Now you will need to tap on switches to be able to engage a new switch then tap on ok. A pop up warning should appear, move on and tap auto scanning, toggle it off, then proceed to the switches option on the switch control.
  • Tap Switches to add a new switch,choose a source of Camera. From there select either the left on movement or the right head movement, this depends on your preference. This allows the camera to watch you whenever you move your head to the left or to the right. Finally tap back and tap switch control to be on.
  • When the blue bars appear on both right and left ends of your screen it signals that the head gesture is active and ready for use.Do an action depending on whether you choose left head movement or right head movement.

It might take some time before you become fully conversant with this, but once grasped, it works great. Tap Switch Control to turn it back off when not in use as leaving the feature on consumes battery power unnecessarily.

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