How To Turn Off iOS 7 Blur Effects

How To Turn Off iOS 7 Blur Effects, Apple released iOS 7 expecting to bring a sea change in how iPhone users consider the best available features in this regard. In retrospect, this experience of using iOS 7 features is the biggest nightmare for the viewers on an overall. Perhaps, there has been increasing number of complaints because of which users are able to experience terrible results. There are situations during which the iPhone or iPad model too has got damaged or not working at all.


Most notable problem of all is the iOS 7 upgrading feature that just increased the problems to an even further extent. Increasing accessibility is the only respite that viewers got in the case of iOS 7.0.3 through which maximum performance results too have been obtained by the users on an overall. Blur results of the iPhone too have increased, but they could be handled successfully with the advanced options on an overall.

Apple’s Notification Center might have tested your patience already. The same has been the case with Control Center as well. During such a terrible situation, you definitely will lose out of the cool for sure. Here is the best way to deal with such a problem.

  • Choose Settings option from your device.
  • Move on to General menu.
  • Tap on Accessibility settings to open options.
  • Prefer the option Increase Contrast

Performing these above given simple steps will let you realize the best results on an overall. Perfect functionality is experienced in the case of older versions of iPhone as well with maximum success.

Generating the successful results in this regard is possible with the blurring options set right in a perfect manner. The classic instance of animations not functioning well in accordance with your actual expectations too is something that you need to consider from a serious perspective.

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Apple introduced iOS 7 as soon as it unveiled iPhone 5 in the consumer market. However, things have not been that rosy for the purchasers because of the indifferent quality displayed by the options in this regard. However, iOS 7 is the biggest positive trait for Apple to happen in the recent past.

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